What to see in Mallorca?

You may have come this far, because you are planning your next vacation and what you are going to do in Mallorca. If so, you’ve come to the right place, since today we want to talk to you about everything you can see in Mallorca so you don’t miss a thing. Many people wonder how long is the ideal time to travel the entire island. Keep in mind that Mallorca has about 80 kilometers from end to end, since we recommend that, so that you can see it well, you come between about 3 and 6 days. With this you will have more than enough time to enjoy both the day and the night.

It is a destination in high demand and acclaimed by all, both by people who live in other foreign countries and by those who live in other places and cities in Spain. Take note of the following and let yourself be seduced by one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

What can I do in Mallorca to see it in full?

The first thing that comes to all the people at the head of this island when they know that they are going to travel to it, are its beaches. And no doubt that Mallorca has the best beaches and coves of white sand of the world, but you have much more por see, that we are going to detail:


  • Spent a few hours in the capital of the island, Palma is the largest city in the entire archipelago and the most monumental town. You will be able to see impressive and very important national buildings, such as the Cathedral of Mallorca or the Bellver Castle, as well as not losing sight of the Almudaina Palace.


  • Also, we advise you to lose a few hours in the Jewish quarter, a must-see that everyone who comes for the first time has to do.


  • We tell you an experience that few know and that is that there is a corner that has a special charm. This is Sant Elm, an old fishing village, a place for all the more adventurous of the family and lovers of hiking. Excursions to La Trapa with stunning views of the island of Sa Dragonera.


  • The towns and landscapes of the Sierra de Tramuntana, surely you have been told about them or have especially heard their name, and it is undoubtedly one of the favorite parts of people who come on vacation to the island. You will see all of nature and popular architecture, as well as a tranquility you do not see on other sites. This place has more than 1,400 meters high and large forested and imposing areas. It is a very important part for the country because it is a Unesco World Heritage Site, so write it down in your activities for the day.

Now you know a bit more about this spectacular island, if you need help or any type of management, you can call or write to us so that our team can advise you.

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