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What can we do for you and your property?

We know that enjoying your free time is important,
this is why we take care of every detail so that your only concern is to enjoy your holidays in Mallorca, without unpleasant surprises.

Each house is unique and each owner has different needs, we understand the uniqueness of each project. For this reason, we offer a complete personalised service adapted to each client.

We offer you a wide range of home services with the main objetive of covering all the requirements of both the resident and non-resident homeowner in Mallorca. Our property services management system provides the owners with the highest quality standards, guaranteeing at all times the maximum discretion on the part of our team.

We take care of your home, we take care of you.

The best property services in Mallorca





Full house maintenance

We take care of having the house ready for your arrival, making periodic visits to check that everything is still in order during vacant periods, keeping it in excellent condition. From a deep cleaning and disinfection to installing a new pergola in your garden. Discover our high-end property services in Mallorca.

Ask about our customized maintenance plans.

Homeowner support

We can help our clients in the search for contractors and we take care of the coordination with the different participants in each process.

We seek solutions to offer a complete service to homeowners, taking care of any request related to their property may have.

Let us provide you the best villa care if you spend lots of time away

  • Managing and supervising any projects on the property.
  • Search for contractors, quotations and negotiation.
  • Work monitoring and acceptance.
  • Small repairs and day-to-day tasks. Handyman service.
  • Waiting-In service for deliveries and contractors.
  • Key holding
  • Blacksmith shop with certified welders. Custom manufacturing of steel furniture, railings, stairs, enclosures, pergolas and planters.
  • Start-up installation service.
  • Plumbing and electrical installations.
  • Vehicle maintenance and wash.

Monthly report emailed with photos and detailing all works

Professional window cleaning

Welcome to Care Concept Mallorca, your premier destination for professional window cleaning services in the heart of Mallorca. Our team of dedicated specialists is committed to delivering unparalleled clarity and shine to every window, ensuring that your views are as breathtaking as the island itself.

Why Care Concept Mallorca Stands Out:

  • Specialized High-Area Cleaning: Large, hard-to-reach windows? No problem. Our professionals are equipped with the tools and techniques to tackle even the most challenging areas, ensuring every corner gleams.
  • Tailored Solutions: We assess each property’s unique architecture to deliver custom cleaning strategies that promise exceptional results. Cleaning plans to meet your specific needs and schedule.
  • Eco-Friendly Practices: Our commitment to the environment is as clear as the windows we clean, utilizing sustainable methods that protect our beautiful island.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: Your satisfaction is our top priority. We’re not happy until you’re enjoying the full beauty of Mallorca through spotless windows.
  • Island-Wide Reach: Whether you’re located in bustling Palma or the tranquil hills of Serra de Tramuntana, our services extend to every corner of Mallorca.

Cleaning windows in luxury properties can be quite a challenge. These architectural marvels often boast intricate designs with hard-to-reach spaces that demand expert attention. From towering glass walls to skylights nestled amidst the rooftops, every nook requires meticulous cleaning to achieve professional results.

The salty sea breeze and the coastal climate of Mallorca pose unique challenges for window maintenance. The combination of salty air and airborne particles can lead to a build-up of grime, making your windows look dull and neglected. This exposure to the elements can accelerate the deterioration of your windows, impacting their longevity and overall aesthetic appeal.

Enhance your property’s charm where every window offers a new perspective on perfection.

Crane liftings and logistics

Need to place a large size art sculpture or furniture to decorate your living room?

Mini crawler cranes are the perfect lifting solution when working space is confined, fully electric with zero emissions is the ideal equipment for interiors.

Mini spider cranes are small enough to work into places where conventional cranes just can’t do the job.

Can be used when space and access is restricted, can work in hallways and slopes. Also equipped with a workman basket to work at height such as ceilings and skylights.

A quick set up ensures saving time and money, all of it with the highest safety levels. We have the best resources and professionals.

Ask for other crane models according to your needs.




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Visit property

We schedule a visit to your property to know your expectations, meet us and make a tailor made offer according to your requirements.


Receive your quote

We will send you the best personalized proposal adapted to your specific conditions.



After signing the contract, we start to take care of your property, you can now relax and enjoy your home knowing that it is in good hands.

We are distinguished by excellence in service

We are moved to offer you comfort

About us

Care Concept was born from the need to provide effective solutions to vacation homeowners who want to have their property always ready and in optimal conditions throughout the year with our house services in Mallorca.

As a property care company we assume the responsibility of supervising and maintaining your home, providing personalized advice according to the particular needs of each property.

We maintain a constant dialogue with you to always be close to your requirements.

Our knowledge of the island of Mallorca and the experience acquired working with the best specialists in each sector has allowed us to create an extensive network of trusted collaborators, offering a quality service to our most demanding clients, currently friends.

Ask about our custom packs and get your personalized free no obligation quote.

What makes us unique in Mallorca?



Our team always works under the strictest quality standards, making every effort to achieve perfection in each job.



We can provide you with a full selection of options to meet your specific needs by adapting and organizing our work system to achieve our goals.



We manage your villa guaranteeing the maximum discretion and confidentiality.



Taking care of a property can be very stressful, there is always something that requires your attention and occupies a large part of your time, with Care Concept you will never have to worry about that again.

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