The best golf tournaments in Mallorca

If you are a golf lover, surely you have heard at some point in your sporting career, the tournaments that take place in Majorca. In Spain we can see many cities where athletes from all countries come to participate in the most special tournaments throughout the year. It does not matter if you are an amateur, or have a much more advanced level in golf, because Mallorca is the ideal place where you have to attend competitions to give your all and put yourself at the level of the most demanding players at the moment.

Mallorca is a special place, in which different sports personalities come year after year, with whom you will learn more about your hobby, you will be able to share your concerns and learn from them. Therefore, if you have your holidays scheduled and you are going to travel to Palma de Mallorca, we will tell you everything you need to know about the best Golf tournaments in Mallorca fromCare Concept Mallorca.

Curiosities of the Golf tournaments on the island

Mallorca is the paradise of Europe for all golf athletes, it is a world benchmark thanks to all the conditions that the island has to practice this sport. It has 23 top-level golf courses, in addition to this we add that the annual temperature of this list is about 19 degrees, this makes it even more interesting since it can be played any day of the year and every month. Therefore, while the other golf courses are snowy, you can come to Mallorca to enjoy your game.

We tell you all the details:

  • Mallorca has an excellent connection with the peninsula and with all of Europe, as well as having very good internal communications.
  • All the courses on the island are built respecting the natural environment of Mallorca, in addition to having modern facilities that have the highest quality certification.
  • This island has everything in mind and you can enjoy a wide network of hotels and accommodation of all kinds designed for players. You have a special hotel offer at all levels so that you can rest between departure and departure.
  • Golf courses have a long history, and they are beloved for the number of disparate courses they have.
  • Mallorca receives thousands of golfers annually and is one of the main tourist attractions in the city.
  • You can practice golf with your whole family, because many of the golf courses have a school with which you can start practicing this sport.
  • The views while you play golf, as well as the landscape of this island is another of the strongest reasons to come to Mallorca.

If you have any questions or want to ask us any questions, do not hesitate to do so, our team will be ready to help you at all times without any kind of commitment.

Come to Mallorca and discover it!