The restaurants most demanded by all tourists in Mallorca

One of the greatest pleasures of every person is eating, and, when we travel, what do we like more than discovering the traditional cuisine of the area? That is why we want to talk to you today about the gastronomic offer that the island of Mallorca has, so that you can reserve in all the restaurants on the list that we are going to offer you and not miss any star dish.

You can meet many important chefs who open their restaurants in Mallorca, many of them famous who work on television or on the radio, that is why we offer you the top list of restaurants so that you can get going and make your gastronomic route worthy of consideration.

Top most beloved restaurants on this island

We recommend that if you want to go to one, do not take long to book since, depending on the month of the year, everything may be busy or have some free space, so it is preferable that as soon as you know which one you want to go, get in touch with them asking for availability. Keep in mind that all those that we are going to show you are very loved by all who come to Mallorca.

In these restaurants you can experience different sensations, because many of them are located in parts of the island that have no waste, so let yourself be taught and let yourself be carried away in each one of them so that you can live the experience at the highest level.

  • If you visit the Tramuntana area, we recommend the Es Verger restaurant, where you will love its appearance and decoration. It is known as the lamb restaurant because it has a simmered roast that is cooked with beer, a real delicatessen.


  • If you make a excursion throughOrientyou can visit the Bar Orient Restaurant, here you can eat very tender porçella served at your table and in front of you.


  • If you are more into beach bars and being on the beach, what better way than to have a good paella of the type you want in Sa Foradada, it is an incredible experience due to its location and its views, of course this beach bar is one of the most famous in the island.


  • In the coves and different beaches you will also have many restaurants where you can eat and be near the sea. You can also taste a good cocktail at night and watch the sunset or sunrise.


  • You can also go to restaurants home-made outside Palma where they offer traditional Spanish food with good Spanish pairing. For example, it can be the Casa Álvaro restaurant in the streets near the main square of Sóller.


Here you have to start your vacation, if you have time attend all those who have named you and tell us about your experience. Do not hesitate to ask us all the questions you have, our team will be ready to help you at all times, get in touch with us and start planning all your vacations, it is time to enjoy and disconnect.