The importance of a good laundry service

One of the most special moments and that we all enjoy the most, are those days when we plan and organize the next vacation. Without a doubt, it is a task that many of us love because we like to have all the details well tied up, as well as having all the services that we know we are going to need. We want to talk to you about this today, since at Care Concept Mallorca, we know what our clients need at all times, that is why today we want to emphasize one of the most demanded services and that perhaps it is what you are looking for: making sure you have the laundry.


When we go on vacation and travel to another place, what we want is to relax and make as little effort as possible, so we try to find a company that ensures that they will take care of us as if we were in our own home.


Why choose a laundry service?


Whether you come to Mallorca for a few days, or for a long season, at some point you will need to have your clothes in good condition and always ready for those days of more activity. Look at the main reasons why you have to request your laundry service at Care Concept Mallorca:


  • You will save a lot of time because there is nothing like being able to have your clothes freshly washed and ironed so that you only have to worry about choosing the best time to put it on. We want you to enjoy your stay on the island at all times without worries.


  • You will contribute your grain of sand to making the planet more sustainable while saving, since having a laundry will make them use low-consumption programs, since you will be leaving your clothes in the hands of professionals. A domestic washing machine consumes much more water and electricity than an industrial one, since they are much more efficient and more ecological.


  • It is much more than hygiene, and many of us are unaware that between different washing processes we must carry out a washing cycle without clothes with bleach or another type of disinfectant to clean the machine. Industrial machines are programmed to be disinfected between washes in order to guarantee absolute hygiene.


  • They will know how to treat each material of your clothes. When we go on a trip we use all kinds of clothing with different textures, so if you take all your clothes to a professional, they will know at all times how to treat them and what kind of program to use to keep them in perfect condition.


  • Collection and delivery at home and boats, you only have to indicate where you want your clothes, table linen, bedding, etc. to be collected and they will return it to you clean, ironed, folded and disinfected.


Now you know the multiple advantages of having a laundry service, both for you and for all your family and friends. Just worry about enjoying your day to day on the trip to Mallorca and let yourself be carried away by this beautiful island so well known in all corners of the world. Contact us and we will keep you informed of everything you need during your stay.