Interior design. Shops to visit in Mallorca.

Undoubtedly, Mallorca is one of the places that leaves no one indifferent, which is why many people apart from coming to sightsee, also come to find exclusive articles or products that are more difficult to acquire elsewhere. And yes, we want to talk to you about this today, about the best decoration shops in Mallorca, because if you are thinking of visiting us to redecorate your house or discover precious items for your new home, you will find them among these recommendations that we are going to give you.


It may be that it happens, as in all cities, that there are many stores and you don’t know which one to decide on because you don’t know much about them or about the opinions of their customers. That is why we want to help you if you are thinking of strolling through the center of Palma. It is a plus of comfort to be able to count on being advised between one type of decoration premises or another. Now yes, we show you the best interior decoration stores.


The top decoration shops in Palma de Mallorca


Also, as we are going to tell you about the best ones, we advise you not to stick with just one and if you have time and feel like it, take a tour of all of them to make sure you find the ideal item you are looking for.


  • We started with Rialto Living, we found it in calle Sant Feliu number 3, an establishment with history given that the building that houses the store was one of the most emblematic and historical cinemas in Palma, the Rialto Cinema, which opened its doors for first time in 1926, although the building dates from the 18th century. A concept-store that with its 1600 square meters offers its visitors a unique experience, from an interior design studio with extensive experience decorating houses throughout Mallorca, to visiting its art exhibition, through its clothing department, accessories and gifts. Without forgetting its relaxing Café Rialto, where you can have a drink or enjoy a tasty breakfast with homemade pastries before continuing with the tour of the store. An excellent option to spend the day immersed in the latest trends in fashion and decoration.


  • Another of them is Casa Lima, located in the heart of Palma, Paraires street number 23, parallel to Paseo del Borne. Until you get to it you will notice that when you walk through its emblematic streets you will have the feeling of not wanting to stop walking to the point of seeming to get caught. It is a store that has a large area dedicated to exhibition, spread over several floors. They have custom-made furniture made by hand in Mallorca, betting on local specialists in the manufacture of original large-format tables, manufactured and personalized in their own workshop. Instead, you can also bring items from distant Indonesia. The entire store has a minimalist style with clean lines and soft colors.


It is noted that it is a company fully aware of the protection of the environment, within its commitment “One Table – One Tree” for each table sold they commit to donating a tree to contribute, together with their clients, to the reforestation of forests. They are also actively involved with the “PLANT MY TREE” program, a sustainability initiative with the aim of protecting forests in Germany. Don’t stop visiting it!


  • The Deguayhaus. You will find two stores: one in Palma in the central street of Andrea Doria and another in the exclusive area of ​​Portals Nous. It has its own style and it is that it is committed to the eclectic and the Mediterranean. Also, if you are one of those people who are committed to caring for the environment, in this case, everything they manufacture is sustainable and ecological. The products are made in Mallorca, but you can also find items from places like India or Africa.


  • A classic is Massis, a family business with a great professional career since 1943. The store has a contemporary style with Mediterranean tones and Asian, Mexican and even rustic touches. They have a wide variety of exclusive items that you will not see in any other store. Visiting Massis is transporting to a place where you will surely find products of exceptional quality and to your liking because they have a great diversity of styles.


In another article we will talk about the great decoration projects offered by some of the best leading stores in their sector such as Terraza Balear, Stork, Absolut Home, About Living and Know Design; importers of the most luxurious furniture brands. You can visit its incredible showrooms in the Son Bugadelles industrial estate in Calviá.


Come to Palma de Mallorca and let yourself be carried away by everything this island can offer you. All the people who come, always repeat and make this place a fixed destination on their annual vacations. If you need advice on properties or different services in your home, contact us and we will help you.