Your first golf tournament in Mallorca?

Those days come when you have been preparing for a long time to get the best of yourself and your sporting career: the golf tournament in Mallorca. It is a reality that facing a tournament in a city that is not yours and in which you are used to playing, causes us a bit of insecurity, but this is a challenge that is essential to overcome for all those who want to level up in the game they like to play the most. For this reason, we want you to know everything you need to understand before coming to Mallorca to play your golf tournament. We give all the information you need to know to come well prepared.


Golf tournaments in Mallorca 


As you know, it is one of the cities that holds the most golf tournaments throughout a season. It is because of the quality of the fields and the diversity that it has, many people come to this city at the end of the year to practice this sport. Follow the following tips and get the result you hope to achieve:


  • Avoid stress at all times, it is essential so that you can get out each swing as you expect. Having a state of nerves or alteration is not advisable, especially if it is your first tournament. Calm.


  • Prepare your shot out, that is, visualize the entire field before going to play on it. You can do it virtually, since most courses have a map where you can see each hole and its route. This will be essential so that you mentally know how to position yourself on each throw and know how you have to make the next throw.


  • Plan your shots. As happens in all tournaments, you are going to play with competitors of your same level, this means that they are going to have each swing studied, as well as all the routes.Therefore, you do not have to leave anything in the air or anything without planning, you will have to plan well the strategy that you are going to use in order to get your maximum potential.


  • Know the game mode of the golf tournament, since there may be variations depending on the course you play, as well as its guidelines. It is better, to be sure, that you carefully read the rules of the tournament and know at all times under which modality you are going to play. Believe it or not, sometimes this situation usually happens in which, due to a mistake about the rules, they end up disqualifying us.


  • Don’t forget to hydrate well and eat healthy. Especially, the first thing, in the golf courses of Mallorca it is very hot throughout the year, so go well equipped so that you do not have setbacks.


Now you know how to face your first golf tournament in Mallorca. You can ask us about all the services you need for your stay on the island and we will help you without obligation.