Activities that you can do if you come to Mallorca

If you are planning your holidays in Mallorca, you will surely be looking for those activities that are more entertaining and fun to do during your stay. It is normal that wherever you come from you want to enjoy each part of the island and in different ways, that is why today we want to talk to you about all those adventures that you cannot miss, if you are coming to Mallorca for the first time or have already come on occasion and You want to change your vacation routine.


At Care Concept Mallorca, we have been recommending, advising and caring for all the people who decide to spend a period of time on the island, whether short or long, for a long time. With us you can find all kinds of services so that your day to day is exceptional and you always want to visit us again.


Now yes, write down all these activities and do not lose detail of the funniest days in Mallorca.


What to do during a trip to Mallorca? 


Surely you have many plans in mind when you set foot on the island, but even so, we are going to give you a series of recommendations so that you can add more entertainment to your agenda:


  • It does not matter if you come from a place with a beach , because nothing is the same as the coves in Mallorca. So, first of all, you can go relax at a beach club, we are sure it will be something you will remember for a lifetime. If you don’t like crowds, it’s your ideal place. Enjoy the sun, the pool resting in the hammocks, sunsets or sunrises in a unique setting.


  • If you are more into going to concerts or enjoying live music. This is your moment, there is nothing like going to a concert on the magical island, without a doubt it is one of the cities that performs the most concerts and musical events outdoors every year.


  • If one of your passions is driving, do not stop doing it in the Serra de Tramuntana. You will see authentic beautiful landscapes and you will be able to do it with the car of your dreams. But yes, take the best camera you have because you don’t want to miss an inch of this whole place.


  • Also, you can do the wine route. Well, there are almost 100 wineries that are installed in Mallorca, they are part of the local gastronomy and as acclaimed by all visitors as the inhabitants themselves.


  • Go shopping in the center of Palma and visit the most interesting museums on the island. Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation, es Baluard museum of modern and contemporary art, Museo Joan March and the Museu de Sa Jugueta for the little ones are just some of our many recommendations. A cultural day is always totally enriching and satisfying. For this reason, visit the most renowned galleries in Mallorca and let yourself be impressed by the art that hides on its walls.


  • Of course, finally, do not forget to visit all the towns on the island. Every week they set up a market with fresh local products and handicrafts from the island, each day one in a different place. You will not know which one to choose as your favorite!


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